by Daniel J Glendening

First off, I’d like to welcome you to this site, lay out a little of what it is going to try to do, and outline the reasoning behind its inception.

Justice League PDX is an attempt to add a little something to the critical conversation surrounding arts exhibitions and events in Portland, OR. As pointed out in Renny Pritikin’s list, Prescription For A Healthy Art Scene, in order to flourish an arts community requires, among other things, “sophisticated writers to document, discuss and promote new ideas/continuing regional development,” as well as “publications for them to write for.”

I do not claim to be an especially sophisticated writer, nor to be particularly insightful in my analysis. Often, when viewing an exhibition, I don’t really know what to think, and am simply curious, or excited, or bored. However, as an artist exhibiting in Portland, I have, over the past few years, often found myself complaining at the lack of critical written dialogue surrounding exhibitions. While Portland boasts a few arts writers and platforms, they are only a small handful of voices in a very crowded room.

What I aim to do here is to share a read of the work, with as much candor and honesty as I am able (a sometimes difficult task in an arts community in which everyone knows everyone). And while that reading of the work may not be spot on, may be misinformed or simply unhelpful, what a written discourse can serve to do is act as proof. It is a small piece of evidence that the work was seen, that it existed, and that people looked.

There’s a conversation going on. I might have something to add.

"Prescription For A Healthy Art Scene" by Renny Pritikin

  1. Ralph said:

    Hey Daniel, looking forward to checking what you have in store here in the future.

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